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A Basket of Caskett

Bringing back an old post of mine with new edits because Beckett needs reminding that’s she’s already been allowed further inside their relationship than anyone else.


Like the Always make out scene, I can’t not reblog this one.

2x12 / 6x07



This season has been epically wonderful so far and I can’t wait to see what else Marlowe and Co. have in store for us.

I know, I can’t wait either, it’s like watching everything you ever imagined and so much more.



Castle season 6 end scenes.

So many feels in so little time.

Listen to you? Why the hell should I listen to you? How am I even supposed to trust anything you say?


"new york’s finest"

I <3 Ryan and Beckett’s “Bro(Sis)TP”


I kind of hope she never tells him. Every girl needs that one secret to keep locked away.

Place for anything Castle, Caskett, Stana Katic & Nathan Fillion... With a pinch of TiVa, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles & Jaime Murray

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