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A Basket of Caskett

Beckett loves Castle…

make me choose: tvfanatic asked fighting caskett or snuggling caskett


everything i’ve ever done, every choice i’ve ever made, every terrible and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me… it’s all led me to right here, this moment. with you.

Beautiful quote, beautiful moments.


That’s the show.


2x05 / 4x11 / 6x05

"Well, who knows Castle, maybe third time’s the charm"

Kate Beckett being all cute, happy and throwing love eyeballs one beam at a time (✿◠‿◠)

1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 6
Castle 6x06 Get a Clue

1-Month-Left Rewatch Day 5
Castle 6x05 Time Will Tell

Place for anything Castle, Caskett, Stana Katic & Nathan Fillion... With a pinch of TiVa, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles & Jaime Murray

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